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  • Connected to the CLC 1180, 1140 or 1110, the ColorPASS-Z650 delivers a level of color quality and consistency once reserved only for high-level commercial printers.

  • Fueled by a powerful Intel® Pentium® III 1GHz processor, 256MB of memory, and a 40GB hard drive, the ColorPASS-Z650 crunches through full-color jobs, delivering exceptional image quality at remarkable speed.

  • The ColorPASS-Z650's ColorWise® 3 color-management system provides a wide array of color correction and calibration tools for achieving consistent color from all applications and platforms.

  • ColorCal®, a scanner-based calibration process, employs a two-step method to compensate for potential measurement inconsistencies, thereby ensuring optimum calibration accuracy.

  • Post-Rip Calibration eliminates the need to reRIP an entire job by applying all calibration properties after rasterization, which results in greater productivity.

  • With Auto-Gray, the gray balance between multiple devices is adjusted automatically, for the closest possible visual match.

  • The ColorPASS-Z650 is further enhanced with the optional Graphic Arts package, a specialized set of productivity tools that integrates into high-end, prepress workflows for exceptional control over output quality and greater accuracy in proofing.

  • When using Command Workstation software, prepress time is reduced significantly due to multiuser access, which enables all users to be linked to the entire production process, from any desktop PC.