ColorPASS Z7500

About ColorPASS-Z7500


  • The ColorPASS-Z7500 is driven by dual Intel Xeon 3.2GHz processors, and comes equipped with 1.5GB of RAM and two 160GB hard drives for quick and reliable processing of variable data and other graphic intense files.
  • The ColorPASS-Z7500 is the only ColorPASS server that comes with Canon's Production Printing Package. You'll be able to improve your efficiency with tools like Schedule Print, Advanced Job Reorder, Process Next/Print Next, Rush Print, and Suspend on Mismatch.
  • The new Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition includes 12 tools for environments where color consistency and control is key. It's ideal for users who require tools like Spot-On® 2.0 Color Matching, Auto Trapping 2.0, ImageViewer, and Hot Folders 2.0.
  • The ColorPASS-Z7500 is ideal for environments where security is an issue. A list of standard features including IP filtering, port blocking, and Secure Erase ensures that documents are secure. This ColorPASS model also offers the option of adding a removable hard drive for additional security.
  • The ColorPASS Enhanced Platform comes with Mixed Media 1.3, which allows you to set up simplex and duplex sheets, pull stocks from different sources, and output variable data jobs. Also part of the ColorPASS Enhanced Platform is ImageShift. This feature gives users greater control over front to back registration on duplex sheets.
  • Also standard is Impose (formally DocBuilder Pro), the imposition tool that sets up booklets, allows for "multiple ups", and supports variable data jobs.
  • With Command Workstation™ 4.2 standard, the ColorPass-Z7500 allows users to easily navigate through its windows, instantly tracking, editing and merging jobs. Users can also preview PDF files and scale images to fit various paper sizes. Also included in the ColorPASS-Z7500 is Command WorkStation LE 4.0, giving MAC users access to the software's most basic features.
  • The ColorPASS-Z7500 ships standard with ColorWise® 3.3, the color management software that lets users utilize ICC profiles and customize color curves.