NP 7500

NP 7500

About NP 7500



Delivering exceptional productivity, ease-of-use and reliability, the NP 7500 is a mid-volume copier designed to provide the productivity of a high-volume system. The NP 7500 delivers output at 50 copies per minute - accelerated to 60 copies per minute in Accelerated Copy Mode - and offers a host of productivity-enhancing features, such as a standard 100-sheet Recirculating Document Feeder, a 4,150-sheet standard paper capacity (upgradeable to 7,650 sheets), and a choice of three sorter options.

With the ability to support up to 110 lb. Index stock through each document-handling source, the NP 7500 is a perfect fit in environments that need to create professional-looking manuals, booklets and presentation materials.