Projectors & Visualizers

Item Code: 0638B002


Using Your Projector is Easy

Simply set it up and use the Digital Keystone Correction to compensate for projecting at a vertical angle of up to 20 degrees. Then, if you want to ensure your audience isn't distracted by fan noise, switch the projector from Normal Mode (38.5 dB) to whisper-quiet Silent Mode (34dB). If you're in a classroom without a projection screen, simply use the Greenboard Mode to project onto a chalkboard - the projector adjusts the projected image to maximize legibility and image quality. Then, effortlessly operate your LV-7230 with the help of the Wireless IR Remote Control.

When you're finished, use the Pin Code Lock and Function Key Lock to control the use of your projector. Depending on your requirements, you can also use the LV-7230 for rear-projection; you can even mount it on the ceiling with an optional Ceiling Mount Adapter.