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Item Code: 2472B002


Canon Optical Performance

Superior clarity and color are the hallmarks of Genuine Canon projection lenses. And with a 1.6x wide-angle zoom, the new LV-7365 is perfect for small rooms, allowing you to project bigger images from shorter distances. The LV-7365's short throw distance means you can project that crisp image on a 100" screen that's as close as 9'2" away from the projector.

The LV-7365 also features five automatic image modes and one User (custom) mode:
  • Presentation -- Ideal for presentations using PowerPoint
  • Video -- For projecting standard video, such as TV broadcasts
  • Cinema -- For projecting film-based video, such as movies (DVD or HDTV)
  • Standard -- When maximum color accuracy is desired for viewing graphics
  • sRGB -- For reproducing color adapted to the sRGB color space; suitable for sRGB content
  • User (custom) -- A customizable mode that allows users to modify gamma and other settings. Gamma adjustment is useful for images that are too dark or too bright.
The LV-7365 features enhanced Wall Color Correction, allowing you to project onto non-white surfaces such as a chalkboard or wall. Select from several wall color options including greenboard, greenboard gray, light yellow, light green, light blue, sky blue, light rose and pink for quick adaptive color correction. The image you project will be closer in appearance to how it would look when projected on a white background.