Projectors & Visualizers

Item Code: 7530A005


Light Weight

Each of the LV-7545 Multimedia Projectors packs a lot of brightness into a manageably-sized machine. But brightness alone doesn't make an effective presentation. That's why you'll be glad to have these other powerful features:

  • Digital Keystone: Weird, trapezoidal images aren't effective communicators. With some projectors, that's what you get unless you can place the device at just the right angle. Canon's LV-series projectors can compensate for a projection angle of up to 40º.
  • Inverse Projection: Inverse projection provides the flexibility to install in either top-up or top-down orientation.
  • Versatility: Compatibility with PC, Macintosh, and workstations (including Unix) lets you plug in to the computer that's available to you. Perfect for situations where you have to move from room to room utilizing different set-ups.