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Multimedia Projector
Item Code: 2473B002


Set-up, Design Details and More

Canon's brightest projector is made all the better with a long list of features that enhance its performance, versatility and ease of set-up, especially for permanent installations.
  • Flexible Set-up

    The flexibility of the LV-7585 makes it the right choice for any installation requirements you might have. It is designed for both front and rear projection. It can project straight up or down. And, of course, the LV-7585 also projects in either a standard, upright configuration or, when mounted from the ceiling, using the optional LV-CL13 mount or optional LV-CL14 high ceiling attachment.

  • Convenient Control Locations

    To enhance ease of use in ceiling mount situations, the LV-7585 has a number of design details created to aid the user.

    Indicator lights have been moved to the corner of the case, making them visible from the side as well as from above.

    The control buttons are located on the side of the case, easing operation when the projector is ceiling mounted.

    A maintenance cover enables the servicing of optical parts and panel cleaning without removing the top cabinet.

    A single side air intake has been combined a rear exhaust vent to improve cooling reliability. In addition, a winding air filter unit inside the side intake makes it easier to keep a clean filter surface in the projector.

    Lamp replacement is also simplified with side access.

  • The Terminal Connectors You Need

    On the LV-7585, we have changed the control terminal from a Mini DIN8 to a D-sub 9 type, which is the most common used by installers. In addition an independent Monitor Out terminal eliminates the need for switching in the menu screen.

    With RS-232, USB Mouse Control, 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty, and a 120 Day Lamp Life Warranty, the LV-7585 is a versatile multimedia projector.