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Item Code: 0027B002


Optical Performance You Can See

Project a positive image with Genuine Canon Optics. As with every camera or projector that Canon makes, the Realis SX50 comes with optics of unparalleled excellence that give you a bright, crisp, clear image with no flare or distortion.

The 1.7x Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens has the widest zoom range of any of Canon's projector lenses, giving you a diagonal screen size range of 40" (at a very short projection distance of 3.9') to 300". At a short 9.8' distance, you still get a 100" screen. And if that's not enough, the Digital Zoom feature gives you an additional zoom range of 0.5x to 12x. The Realis SX50 performs in a wide range of room settings, proving that there's more to portability than projector size.

In addition to this performance, the SX50 boasts the highest contrast ratio of any Canon Projector -- 1000:1 -- for sharp images and deep, rich colors, even with ambient light. It also gives you 85% image uniformity for an even image from corner-to-corner.

The optical performance of your SX50 doesn't stop there -- because the HDTV compatible SX50 displays true 16:9 HDTV broadcast images (720p), giving your audience a high-definition, widescreen experience. It's a cinematic experience that is further enhanced by the projector's 2:3 Pulldown feature on Progressive Scan images. The result is an image with the natural look of film.