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Projectors & Visualizers

LCOS Projector
Item Code: 3289B002


Native SXGA+ Resolution (1400 x 1050)

To match the increasing demand for high-resolution display technology, the REALiS SX800 features high-resolution SXGA+, perfect for displaying crisp video, photographs, fine text, spreadsheets, CAD drawings, and engineering diagrams. Compared to SXGA, it offers a larger display range, capable of reproducing even the smallest details with razor-sharp precision. In addition, the SX800 supports data produced on your widescreen laptop, projecting the entire screen in its true proportions, just as it appears on your screen.

Better Resolution: Crisp, clear display of text and diagrams.
Resolution is approximately 1.9x greater than conventional XGA projectors, making it possible to reproduce text as small as 7 point. Even documents with small text and figures are clear and easy to read.

Conventional LCD Projector LCOS/AISYS-based SX800
Text is blurred and difficult to read. Small text is clear.

Expanded Display Area: A trend of the future.
High-resolution SXGA+ (1400x1050 pixel) projectors are compatible with mainstream desktop computer XGA (1024 x 768) and now more prevalent wide notebook computer WXGA (1280x768 pixel) display images, as well as 16:9 high-definition (1280x720 pixel) images.

Conventional LCD Projector LCOS/AISYS-based SX800
Compatible with current mainstream desktop computer screens. Capable of displaying 16:9
high definition video images.

Widescreen Views
The REALiS SX800 can reproduce wide-screen data as-is, with no unsightly distortion. When data produced on a PC with WXGA display resolution is projected using an XGA projector, data must be reworked to match the aspect ratio to achieve an accurate display. With an SXGA+ multimedia projector, PC-based data can be projected accurately, with no need for time-consuming adjustments.