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LCOS Projector
Item Code: 2677B002


LCOS Technology with AISYS

With Canon LCOS projectors, you get all the brilliance and image sharpness of innovative LCOS technology in an ultra-portable and affordable projector unlike any others on the market. It's the right choice for displaying bright, big-screen images without darkening the conference room or classroom.

LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) has taken projectors to a whole new level. This new technology means higher resolution images, seamless images with no flickering or "screen door" effect, quick image response for better looking moving images, smooth rendition of fine lines, seamless photo reproduction, sharp display of small text, and crisp blacks.

Circuitry around each pixel
causes screen door effect.
Space between micro-mirrors
creates screen door effect.
Circuitry behind panels
virtually eliminates
screen door effect.

Only Canon realizes the full potential of LCOS technology by combining it with our proprietary and improved third generation AISYS Engine, our patented optical light engine for achieving brightness and high contrast using LCOS panels. AISYS has three components: the illumination system, the color separation and combination system, and the LCOS panels. Only Canon's innovative, breakthrough AISYS technology achieves the right balance of contrast, brightness and compact size to maximize the performance of LCOS. Plus, our advanced AISYS optical engine features new optical elements, redesigned polarizing beam splitters and reconfigured optical layout. The result are improved light efficiency, uniformity and expanded color space.

Grid-like pixel pattern known
as the "Screen Door Effect".
Lattice-free, seamless image when
LCOS is combined with AISYS.


Color appears blurred and broken. Color appears crisp and sharp.

The AC lamp system of the REALiS SX80 and the AISYS optical system, the images you project are brighter with truer color. The purity of red and green is enhanced over that possible with conventional DC lamps giving a more life like depth to the colors on the screen. In addition, the lamp system boasts an extended operating life of up to 2000 hours in normal mode and up to 2500 hours in quiet mode.

LCOS, an improved third generation AISYS optical engine, the AC lamp system and 3000 lumens make the REALiS SX80 a superb high-performance projector like no other.