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Network Cameras

Fixed PoE Network Camera
Item Code: 0777B002


What is Network Video Solutions?

Network Video Solutions from Canon allow you to transmit high-quality video images through the Internet or a LAN connection. This may involve an individual viewing scenes from multiple locations, many individuals viewing a single location or a combination of the two. Network Video Solutions literally put you and/or the information you wish to broadcast in several places at once:
  • Record -- Anything that's transmitted can be recorded and stored to be viewed again at any time, a crucial factor in safety and security applications.

  • Share -- Network Video Solutions can accommodate multiple viewers and multiple image locations, linking people in a way no other technology can offer.

  • Flexibility -- Canon systems make installation, configuration and maintenance easy, so you'll be up and running quickly and worry-free.

  • Save -- Putting Canon's Network Video Solutions to work for you will boost the productivity of your business immediately, for cost and time savings that go straight to your bottom line.
With over 60 years of industry-leading experience and a host of groundbreaking technical innovations to its credit, Canon richly deserves its reputation as maker of the world's most advanced cameras and photographic equipment:
  • Each camera features a CCD sensor built to Canon's exacting specifications, ensuring high-resolution images in a variety of motion patterns and lighting conditions.
  • Canon's Network Video Solutions are designed to perform long term in demanding situations with minimal maintenance.
  • From network-ready cameras to servers to software, Canon offers a complete, fully integrated system that's ready to go to work.
How can the system work for you? Consider:
  • Medical Facility -- Monitor multiple locations to provide the highest quality care and security in facilities where quick reactions are essential.

  • Retail Store -- Strategically located cameras can dramatically improve security and allow employees to provide more prompt customer service.

  • Construction Site -- Oversee security, safety practices and project status wherever you are. Ideal for client presentations as well.

  • Museum or Gallery -- Constant surveillance in multiple locations can reduce staffing requirements and give you greater peace of mind.

  • Teleconferencing -- Conduct high-quality meetings with colleagues and clients all over the world for unmatched convenience and substantial cost savings.

  • Distance Learning -- Broadcast lectures and classroom sessions to remote students. WebView's crisp images and superior camera control make students feel as if they're in the room.

  • Tourism -- Promote destinations and attractions with live views available to prospective visitors anywhere in the world.

  • Traffic Reports -- Newsrooms can monitor key sites to give accurate, real-time traffic reports.