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Network Cameras

Item Code: 8819B001


Compact Camera with High Quality Full HD Video

As one of the smallest fixed dome cameras on the market today, the VB-S31D has been designed with components maximized to save space yet provide high quality video at the same time. To accomplish this, smaller circuit boards are combined with meticulous layout planning. The lens has been designed with UD, aspherical elements and a high refractive index. This allows for a much more compact lens assembly as well as superb image capture capability, so the Full HD Video is clear and crisp. The VB-S31D is smaller and lighter than many other cameras of its type, increasing the options available when mounting in tight spaces. It is even light enough to allow installation without hardware.

Power over Ethernet
A key component in the compact size of the VB-S31D is the sole use of Power over Ethernet as the method of power, with a maximum usage of 7.6 watts.