varioPRINT 135/120/110

Oce VarioPrint 135/120/110

About varioPRINT 135/120/110



      Hardware Accessories
      External Paper Input Module-C1
      Duo Paper Tray Kit C1
      Form Assist Module II
      Saddle Finisher-AK2
      Puncher Unit-BS1
      High Capacity Stacker-E1
      Stacker Dolly-C1
      High Capacity Stacker-G1
      Powerlift for High Capacity Stacker-F1/G1
      Document Insertion Unit-F1
      Paper Folding Unit-F1
      Professional Puncher-B1 (Includes Integration Unit-A1)
      Booklet Trimmer-D1
      Two-Knife Booklet Trimmer-A1
      SDD Square Fold Booklet Maker
      SDD Square Fold Booklet Maker with Two Knife Trimmer
      SDD BLM-300C Booklet Maker
      Decurler Unit-A1
      Max Ring Binder MB-1000C
      Bulk Tray small format – A1
      Copy Control Device-C1
      Operator Attention Light-C1
      Removable HDD Kit-C1
      Section 508-1-C1
      Section 508-2-C1
      Convenience Stapler-A1
      PRISMAsync Accessories Doc Box-C1
      Color scan to file/e-mail-C1
      Remote User Interface-C1
      Multiple Queue-C1
      DP Link-C1
      KDK Link-C1
      Microsoft XPS Standard Speed-C1
      Microsoft XPS High Speed-C1
      Chinese Simpl PS3 Fonts-C1
      Chinese Trad PS3 Fonts-C1
      Japanese PS3 Fonts-C1
      Korean PS3 Fonts-C1