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  • The imagePRESS C6000VP prints letter sized jobs at 60ppm, 11x17 jobs at 30ppm, regardless of media weight.
  • With up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, you get finer image quality, higher quality characters, and smooth corners.
  • The press handles a variety of media weights and types up to 13" x 19.2" in size and 17lb. bond (64gsm) to 110lb. cover (300gsm) in weight.
  • The optional POD Decks holds up to 4,000 sheets each of any supported media in any tray. They are equipped with Advanced Air Feeding Technologies to help ensure every media is fed reliably.
  • The imagePRESS C6000VP is equipped with Auto Press Calibration to set your color densities automatically and Real Time Calibration performs live tests to maintain the high image quality throughout the day.
  • The Advanced Image Transfer Belt (AITB), similar to the blanket on an offset press accepts the image from the drum then transfers all four colors to the media in a single pass which produces better solids on plain, coated, and textured and specialty medias.
  • Suction Feeding technology picks up the top sheet with air, not rollers, for more stability as the sheet is fed into the press.
  • "On The Fly" technology lets you maintain and even boost productivity without stopping the press. Now you can refill media trays, remove and replace the toner bottle, and remove the waste toner bottles without stopping or pausing the press.
  • Multi-feed detection prevents two or more sheets from entering the press at the same time are diverted to the escape tray on top of the POD deck without ever stopping the press.
  • The Media Library lets you create, edit, manage, and select medias from one central location. Once the details of the media are entered it's stored the press is set for optimal performance and quality.