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EF 20mm f/2.8 USM

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EF 20mm f/2.8 USM
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About EF 20mm f/2.8 USM

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Item Code: 2509A003
Estimated Retail Price: $539.99

EF 20mm f/2.8 USM 3.4 5 11 11
nice lens I purchased this lens used (1 month old )and was a little cautious about it's value.Took some pictures and was very pleased.Having other wide angle Len's to compare with 24-105,24-85 and17-40 I can say this 20mm lens is as good or better tan most of the other lens.I like the build quality and how light it is and it is very sharp.My 5D mark 3 helps with it's lens correction. March 18, 2014
Skip it I've had this lens for several years. The images are soft at all apertures. There's a color cast. There's massive vignetting, though PIC removes it pretty well. You'd be better served to save your money for the 17-40 zoom. January 22, 2013
Not the best Images have a purple cast and are a little soft at all apertures. Save your money until you can buy the 17-40 instead, you'll get sharper images. January 2, 2013
A great lens! I've had the EF 20mm/2.8 for about four years. Can't be happier with it, except maybe I'd like a smaller, lighter version. You just can't have it all. The performance is very good. Edge sharpness, on film or digital full frame, shows some softness wide open, but it crisps up very well by f/4.0. Focusing is fast and exact. I keep a filter on mine always, no signs of additional vignetting caused by the addition of a full thickness filter. The front does not rotate - polarization filters are not a hassle. Corner darkening does exist, but also cleans up in the middle apertures. I like this lens, I shoot with it quite a bit. More than the medium length lenses, I tend to shoot wide mostly. I currently use two EF 28mm lenses (2.8 and 1.8), a EF 24mm-105mmL, and this EF 20mm/2.8 for my wide angle lenses. For bodies I've got an A2e and Rebel-Xs for film, and a 5d-mk ii and Rebel XTi for digital. I am an avid amateur, but do shoot the occasional wedding and products commercially. Wish all the Canon lenses came with their respective hoods! June 13, 2012
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