EOS 35mm SLR Cameras

35mm SLR Camera
Item Code: 2051A001


Full-featured professional SLR with exclusive Canon EOS technology

The Canon EOS line of 35mm autofocus SLR cameras enjoys an enviable reputation as one of the world's most advanced and most coveted systems for fine photography. Right from the outset, just over a decade ago, Canon's first EOS camera redefined 35mm SLR photography with such trailblazing technologies and features as an all-electronic lens-to-camera interface with lens-based focusing motors for ultra-responsive AF operation, fast and silent film transport, and a unique user interface that forever changed the look and feel of SLR photography. Over the ensuing years, EOS has evolved into a total photography system that has no peer. Improvements in AF performance, the advent of multiple focusing points, refinements to the user interface, even faster and quieter film transport systems, and the introduction of numerous innovations, such as Eye Controlled Focus and Custom Functions, have kept EOS cameras at the forefront of SLR photography. Add to this the ongoing refinement and expansion of the EOS System - which today includes an unparalleled selection of superb EF lenses, Power Drive Boosters, Speedlite flashes, and just about every imaginable accessory for serious photography - and it becomes easy to understand why Canon's lineup enjoys top market share worldwide.