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Canon Image Quality at Every Step

While the software was developed in conjunction with Express Digital, the underlying technologies being used for EOS camera operation, RAW image processing, and printing are all Canon. This is the first time that Canon USA has worked this closely with a third-party company to produce digital imaging software.

There's no question that using a complete Canon workflow from beginning to end ensures the best finished product. STUDIO SOLUTION uses Canon color and exposure management in-camera, Canon technology for camera to computer interaction, Canon Digital Photo Professional's RAW processing engine and algorithms, along with Canon's Lucia pigment inks, wide color-gamut, and sophisticated Automatic Color Stability Control.

The brilliant part is that while you see all of this Canon technology and image quality in the finished product that you deliver to your customers, all of this is invisible in the actual operations of your studio.

STUDIO SOLUTION also uses a non-destructive RAW workflow throughout. This ensures that you're working at the highest bit-depth, and are retaining the best image quality at all times.

Key features:
  • Consistently superior image quality
  • Canon CR2 RAW Workflow
  • Canon DPP processing engine and algorithms
  • Lucia pigment inks ensure archival images and amazing image quality
  • High bit-depth and wide Adobe RGB color gamut