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Network Cameras
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Fixed Vandal Resistant Dome Network Camera
Item Code: 4960B001


ONVIF version 1.02 Conformant

The ONVIF version 1.02 conformant VB-M600VE makes third party integration a breeze. Custom tailored networks are simple to set up thanks to its compatibility with this standard protocol, as well as WebView, Canon's network camera protocol. You are free to select the exact equipment for your situation, regardless of manufacturer, and to employ third party recording software. Systems integrators, especially, will find their work easier. This XML based standard systematizes the protocols of settings for camera, control and information acquisition. Among the functions supported are camera search by WS-Discovery, authentication by WS-Security, RTP streaming of video (JPEG, H.264), audio (G.711), events (including PTZ and Camera status) and Multicast. Network settings, camera system parameters, rebooting external IO control and preset home settings are also supported. In addition, SSL communication and setting of intelligent functions are also possible.

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