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About DC10

DVD Camcorder
Item Code: 0744B001


The DVD technology of the DC10 not only makes it easy to capture great images, it also makes it easy to share your video with family and friends.

To begin with, you can simply watch the video you've just shot by connecting your DC10 to your TV and viewing your unfinalized DVD. Or, finalize your DVD, then watch it on your TV by playing it in your DVD player. (Your DC10 comes with both S-Video and Composite output.)

You can also share your video by connecting your DC10 to your computer with the supplied USB cable. Then, with one touch of the Print & Share button, you can transfer your video footage to your hard drive.

Once your video is transferred, the supplied My DVD Software lets you edit your footage, create a chapter and play menu, and burn your footage to additional DVDs. Plus, even if your computer doesn't have a DVD drive, you can still make DVDs to share by using your DC10 to create another DVD.

With your DC10 DVD camcorder, all your friends and family can enjoy the memories you've captured.