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Item Code: 2063B001


Canon 35x Optical Performance

35x Optical Zoom / 1000x Digital Zoom

Genuine Canon Video Lens

The name Canon is synonymous with optical excellence the world over. Brilliant optical quality is part of every Canon broadcast TV lens, 35mm film camera, digital camera and camcorder -- and the DC220 is no exception. It gives you clear, vibrant and brilliant video and digital photographs.

The quality begins with Canon's longest optical zoom ever -- the Genuine Canon 35x Optical Zoom lens. The lens is precisely matched to the camcorder's CCD and features high-quality glass with a unique, super spectra coating developed exclusively by Canon to reduce flare and ghosting for a clean image. Combined with the 1000x Digital Zoom, you can capture every shot -- whether it's a wide view of the whole family at Thanksgiving, or a close up of your child on stage.

Image Stabilization

And thanks to Canon's superior electronic expertise, the DC220's image stabilization system Image Stabilizer corrects camcorder shake instantly. The built-in, high-quality image stabilizer allows you to shoot professional-looking, rock-steady video -- whether you're recording sporting events, your child's birthday party, or a long focal length shot without a tripod. Your life never sits still, and the DC220 will help you capture it all.