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DVD Camcorder
Item Code: 1188B001


Canon Optical Performance

10x Optical Zoom / 200x Digital Zoom

Precision-Engineered Genuine Canon Video Lens

Brilliant optical quality is part of every Canon broadcast lens, 35mm film camera, digital camera and camcorder. The DC22 digital DVD camcorder is no exception, offering you the same Genuine Canon Optics that has made the name Canon synonymous with unsurpassed optical performance.

The DC22 comes with a 10x optical zoom lens that has been precisely matched to the camcorder's CCD. The lens features high-quality glass with a unique, super spectra coating developed exclusively by Canon to reduce flare and ghosting for a clean image. Combined with the DC22's powerful 200x digital zoom, the lens gives an impressive range of focal lengths. Use a shorter focal length to record the breathtaking backdrop of your summer vacation. Or, use a longer focal length to capture the delight on your child's face during the school play.

Image Stabilization

Image Stabilizer

The DC22's built-in high-quality image stabilizer features Smooth Zoom and Level Shot control for rock-steady video -- whether you're shooting sporting events, fun & games at a child's birthday party, or capturing a shot at a long focal length. Thanks to Canon's expertise, the DC22's image stabilization system corrects camcorder shake instantly, thereby eliminating one of the telltale signs of amateur video.