Flash Memory Camcorders

Dual Flash Memory Camcorder
Item Code: 2686B001


Additional Features

  • The Intelligent Lithium-ion battery which powers the FS10 is a major, and useful, advance. It not only more accurately tracks remaining battery life, it also gives a display in minutes remaining. It will allow you to better plan your shooting, so you won't be caught out with a battery that suddenly goes from "half" to "empty".

  • The Built-in Electronic Lens Cover means you never have to go looking for your lens cover again. Turn your camcorder on and the lens cover automatically opens. Turn it off, and the cover closes.

  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Terminal for ultra-fast transfer of movies and photos.

  • With the FS10's Microphone Terminal you can attach an external microphone if you need to record audio more accurately from a specific source.

  • Wireless Remote Control lets you operate your FS10 from a distance, so you don't have to be left out of the picture.

  • 1 Year Parts And Labor Limited Warranty provides protection long after other manufacturers' warranties expire.