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Canon Exclusive: Genuine 48x Advanced Zoom

Genuine Canon Video Lens
The Genuine Canon 48x Advanced Zoom on the FS22 is just the kind of exclusive Canon feature you've come to expect from the leader in imaging and optics. Advanced Zoom extends the power of your zoom and is the longest zoom Canon has ever offered. In both wide angle and telephoto positions, there is virtually no loss in image quality throughout the range. How is this accomplished? With a Genuine Canon lens which remains in constant motion through the entire extended zoom range aided by our proprietary DIGIC DV II image processor.

Simulated Images

There's practically no loss in image quality through an extraordinary range of zoom, so you'll get great, clear shots as you follow that sailboat race around the harbor or catch every step of that toddler scrambling across the lawn.

Advanced Zoom
The FS22 offers you more flexibility to get just the shot you need by giving you the choice of Advanced Zoom in default mode or you can select a 37x Optical Zoom or 2000x Digital Zoom. You will always be able to get the shot you need, no matter how close or far away and always with the quality you expect from Canon.