Flash Memory Camcorders

Flash Memory Camcorder
Item Code: 2708B001


Superb Shooting Control

Variable Zoom Speed Control

Another sure sign of amateur video is the unsteady zoom shot. But with the VIXIA HF100's zoom control, you simply select one of the four zoom speeds (three pre-set, one variable) for smooth, steady, professional looking zooms.

Level and Grid Markers

With the Level Marker feature, it's easy to keep your camera level for more professional looking video. Line up any horizontal lines in your shot -- such as the horizon -- to the marker and you can be sure your camcorder is level.

The VIXIA HF100's Grid Marker feature lets you compose your shot accurately, according to the grid in your viewfinder. You can even choose from two different colors for the grid. This ensures that you see the grid, no matter what the background color of your shot is.

Program AE Mode

For the best exposure for various situations, the VIXIA HF100's Program AE mode will automatically adjust the settings to compensate for the conditions and subject. Choose from Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight and Fireworks. You won't have to guess if you're capturing all the action just the way you want it, the VIXIA HF100 will do it for you.

Quick Start

Never miss a quickly unfolding shot again. Push the Quick Start button between shots -it places the VIXIA HF100 in standby mode. When the action starts, push the Quick Start button again to begin recording in less than one second. You'll also help extend your battery life over leaving the camcorder in regular recording mode.

Low Light Performance

Some of the most magical shots are taken at the end of the day or long after the sun has set. You won't miss any of them, thanks to the VIXIA HF100's mini video light. The light lets you shoot subjects in color in low light up to 4.9 feet away. So, whether it's a shot of a sleeping baby, or a dramatic skyline at night, the VIXIA HF100 captures all the moments you want to record.

Manual Audio Level Control

To make your videos sound as good as they look, the VIXIA HF100 offers a built-in audio meter and manual audio level adjustment. You'll be able to tell at a glance if the sound you're hearing is being recorded the way you want it and a simple control allows you to change the audio level if it's not.

DVD Burner Compatible

You can also easily burn DVDs of the video shot with your VIXIA HF100 as it is compatible with Canon's new DW-100 DVD Burner. A one cable connection is all it takes to send the files across and with the click of a few buttons, your videos will be burned to an AVCHD disc for play in a compatible DVD player.