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Flash Memory Camcorders

Flash Memory Camcorder
Item Code: 4318B001


Touch & Track

Touch & Track delivers precise focus and exposure on any subject- people, pets, vehicles and more. Simply select your point of interest on the touch panel LCD, and you will have your subject in sharp focus, regardless of where in the frame it moves during the shot – and, the exposure will be perfectly adjusted for subject and conditions. Touch & Track is also the default setting, ready when you turn the camcorder on. For more creative control, you can also choose to adjust focus or exposure independently by turning off Touch & Track, and turning on Touch Focus or Touch Exposure.

Touch Panel
Touch Focus allows you to pinpoint a specific area to focus on. Similar to the Push AF feature found in professional camcorders, Touch Focus can target a subject anywhere in the frame.

Touch Exposure enables the exposure to be locked or compensated for in the area you touch.