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VIXIA mini White

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VIXIA mini
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VIXIA mini White
Item Code: 8455B005
Estimated Retail Price: $299.99


Fun and Useful Special Effects

Record in slow motion or fast motion for a creative effect.
The VIXIA mini makes it easy to rev up the excitement and quality of your videos with classic special effects. Control the pace and rhythm of your videos with Slow Motion and Fast Motion shooting. Slow Motion is available at two speeds: ½x and ¼x. You can highlight that jaw-dropping dance move, add dramatic and comedic effects, or teach a magic trick. Fast Motion is perfect for videos that show off your creative talents: makeup, painting, cooking, woodworking, nail art and more. Choose 2x or 4x to achieve just the effect you're after.

Interval Recording lets you see slow-changing movements over time.
Interval Recording gives you and your viewers a fascinating look at slow-moving changes. The camcorder records still images or half-second video clips at intervals you determine (5, 10 or 30 seconds; 1 or 10 minutes), with playback in flip-book style. The mode is perfect for recording plant growth, cloud movement, tidal changes, light effects from dawn to sunset and so much more. It's also a great way to add a multimedia element to school science and research projects.