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Flash Memory Camcorder
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Superb Audio in Any Situation

Increased Clarity, Adjustability

The VIXIA HF M52 camcorder's audio is an excellent match for its pristine image quality. The microphone has updated elements that increase clarity at medium and low frequencies, so even faint sounds are recorded clearly. Three microphone positions let you adjust recording to suit the position of the zoom or your subjects: front for monaural recording; regular for normal stereo effect; and rear for a wider, more enhanced stereo effect. Frequency response characteristics can be adjusted for the scene with several options. You can balance all frequencies for normal recording, emphasize low frequencies for impactful live music recording, attenuate low frequencies to reduce ambient noise, emphasize mid frequencies to focus on voices, or emphasize low and high frequencies to record live music with balanced lows and highs.

Normal Records with a balance throughout all frequencies.
Emphasize Low Frequencies Record scenes of live music or the like with impact.
Attenuate Low Frequencies Reduce ambient noise and sound of traffic outdoors (wind, cars, etc.)
Emphasize mid frequencies Record focusing on people's voices
Emphasize Low and High Frequencies Record live music with balanced lows and highs

Audio Scene Select

Audio Scene Select offers five modes that automatically optimize settings based on the recording situation, making it easy to record realistic, immersive audio in a range of situations.

Optional Audio Accessories

Canon's optional WM-V1 Wireless Microphone allows you to record high-quality audio without wires from up to 164 feet away (50m), making it ideal for ceremonies and recitals. For the ultimate home theater experience, the optional 5.1-channel Surround Sound Microphone SM-V1 captures audio quality that matches the stunning realism of your HD video. Five distinct pickup sensors capture sound from all directions, making your home movies look and sound more lifelike than ever before.