High Definition Camcorders

Hard Disk Drive Camcorder
Item Code: 2183B001


Record High Definition Video to a 40 GB Hard Disk Drive

High Definition Video

The HG10 captures stunning High Definition video onto a 40GB Hard Disk Drive. A convenient format for anyone who wants to transfer video to a computer for viewing, editing or sharing, it also makes your life easier as you never have to worry about not carrying around enough recording media with you as you shoot your future memories. In LP mode, you'll be able to record up to 15 hours of video. Even when shooting in super high quality mode, five-and-a-half hours of footage is yours without taking a break to change tapes or DVDs.

HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface
HDD recording also delivers true random-access play, letting you get to the scene you select instantly.

With the HG10's built-in HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) Terminal, it's easy to transfer the HD video signal to your HDTV. With a single cable, you'll send a pure digital signal, audio and video, to your television to get the ultimate HD viewing experience.