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Item Code: 4885B001
Estimated Retail Price: $2,999.00


Built-in 3-D Assist Features

The XF105 has the ability to be paired with another XF105 or XF100 camcorder to provide true stereoscopic 3-D recording. It offers several features to assist with 3-D production including: genlock* for syncing the camcorders.

OIS Lens Shift aids in optically aligning the two camcorders.

A focal length guide displays the zoom position of each camera in relation to each other and calibrates the zoom distance.

The XF105's compact size provides an alternative to large 3-D rigs allowing 3-D crews to work more quickly and efficiently, while providing the needed features to capture exceptional 3-D imagery.

* Genlock available in XF105 only.

OIS Lens Shift Focal Length Guide