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Progressive Scan CCD

The ELURA incorporates a Progressive Scan CCD image sensor that delivers a significant improvement in performance and image quality. Each and every light gathering pixel on the CCD is used to produce a full frame video image 60 times per second. In contrast the conventional interlace-type CCD produces only half a full frame, known as a field, in the same amount of time. The Progressive Scan CCD provides a serious advantage to those who desire impeccable clarity of fast moving subjects.

The interlace method used on other camcorders combines two field images together, but a time lapse between the fields can cause a disturbing image flicker on the television screen when playback is paused. Recordings of subjects moving at high speed such as athletes, wildlife and even machinery can be viewed on a television with superior resolution. And this CCD type makes it possible to produce better quality video prints than ever before. Also, realizing people shoot video in a variety of light levels, Canon designed the ELURA to perform exceptionally well in low light too.