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Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 2977A003


3 Shooting Modes

The ELURA has three shooting modes to accommodate any of your needs.

1) Normal Movie Mode

Select this recording mode when you choose to capture smooth, full motion video for playback on your TV. The Progressive Scan CCD and RGB Primary Color Filter achieve video quality worth watching again and again.

2) Digital Photo Mode
The ELURA also functions as a digital still camera; it's like having two cameras in one. Select this mode to capture more than 500 stunning still pictures on a single videocassette (in SP mode) or combine video and still pictures together with the added benefit of audio. Each still picture is recorded for approximately 6 seconds along with your own narration or surrounding sounds.

3) Digital Motor DriveTM
(Progressive Scan Mode)
The ELURA's Digital Motor Drive, made possible only through the use of a Progressive Scan CCD, captures high resolution pictures packed with excitement. Faster than the high speed motor drive of a 35mm camera, the ELURA's Digital Motor Drive amazes photo hobbyists and professional photographers by recording an incredible 30 full frame images per second, continuously. Select this mode when you plan to capture superior quality frames from video for either viewing on TV, printing or downloading to a DV compatible computer. The Digital Motor Drive, first introduced by Canon, expands the ELURA's versatility and the variety of your images. (Use Normal Movie Mode for standard video recording.)