Elura 10

miniDV Camcorders

Digital Camcorder
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Progressive Scan CCD

The image sensor used in both the Elura 10 -- the Progressive Scan CCD -- brings clarity to fast-moving subjects. Whether it's the action of a soccer game, the movement of a child on a swing, or panning landscape shots, these scenes are captured smoothly and clearly, just like you saw them. The same feature makes it possible to get crisp still images at 30 shots per second using the Digital Motor Drive. The Progressive Scan CCD delivers prints from video with digital photo resolution.
In comparison, standard interlaced video captures half the lines that make up an image, then the other half of the lines, then combines the two to make a single frame of video. The lapse of time between the halves, small though it is, blurs motion, and produces a disturbing image flicker when paused. The Progressive Scan CCD captures all the lines at once. The result: clear, smooth images.