Elura 10

miniDV Camcorders

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 7227A001


Programmed Auto Exposure

The Elura 10 offers the versatility to meet all exposure challenges, and ease of use when you're happy to let the camera make all the choices. Amazingly sophisticated circuitry delivers proper exposure automatically under almost any lighting condition. But you can also easily adjust the exposure system in any one of several creative ways to meet specific needs. Selecting a different exposure mode lets you control how you want the video to look.

Easy Recording
For those who just want to point and shoot, choose the Easy Recording Mode. All camera functions are handled automatically (focus, exposure, etc.), with the exception of the camera's zoom controls.

Auto Mode gives control of camera settings to the Elura 10 and Elura 20MC, except for those functions you would like to control manually when you want to, including focus, exposure, and white balance.

Use the Sports Mode to make crystal clear video of sports action (the swing of a golf club or tennis racket) or accentuate the motion of a racing car by blurring its motion. Sports Mode also will let you shoot under very low lighting conditions. The Elura 10 will automatically select the aperture for a proper exposure.

The ability to adjust the lens opening (aperture) allows you to adjust depth of focus. With larger openings, decreasing the amount of the background that's in focus (perfect for portraits), and smaller openings increasing the focus area, you can select one of several apertures. The Elura 10 and Elura 20MC will automatically select the shutter speed to match the chosen aperture, giving you the proper exposure.

Nothing can confound an exposure system like a singer spotlighted on a dark stage. Spotlight Mode comes to the rescue. The camera will automatically adjust exposure for the center of the frame (the brighter singer) rather than the darkness of the stage. This will prevent the person from showing up overexposed or blooming against a dark background. The result is a perfect exposure.

Surfing/Sand and Snow
Want to record a scene of skiers on a bright, snow-covered mountain, or beach volleyball players on bright sand? Then select the Sand & Snow Mode. This will adjust the exposure so the subject will not appear underexposed (dark) against the bright background.

Low Light
When in a dark environment, by selecting the Low Light Mode, the Elura 10 shifts to a very slow shutter speed to deliver adequate exposure to record the scene.