Elura 40MC

miniDV Camcorders

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 7801A001


Shooting Modes

You can save both video and digital still images to the Elura 40MC's tape cassette, and high resolution still images as well as Motion JPEG to its MultiMediaCard or SD Memory Card.

Video Mode
Video Mode delivers smooth full-motion video for playback on your TV. You also can transfer the video onto your computer to view, edit, post on the Internet, or send to friends. Its advanced circuitry ensures that color, light, and motion of the scene are recorded with exceptional accuracy and superior color rendition.

Digital Photo Mode
You can make your Elura 40MC a still camera by switching to Photo Mode. Just press the photo button to capture more than 700 still pictures on a single videocassette (in SP mode).

XGA High Resolution Photos
Using advanced dual image processing the Elura 40MC captures beautiful, high-definition photos. Just press the photo button to capture up to 40 stunning XGA (1024 x 768 pixel) images onto the included 8MB SD Memory card.

Motion JPEG

Designed to help you make web videos, Motion-JPEG mode produces compressed AVI files that are smaller and easier to run and send by email than conventional video files. Record a 10 second clip at 320 X 240 or a 30 second clip at 160 X 120.
Motion jpeg