Elura 85

miniDV Camcorders

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 0274B001


Lock-In On The Action

Image Stabilizer

Even the most photogenic of friends and family are sometimes hard to pin down for a great shot. Fortunately, the Elura 85 features Canon's high quality Image Stabilization system. Even when shooting hand-held at full telephoto, the Image Stabilization system is working behind the scenes to instantly correct camcorder shake, resulting in videos that are smooth, steady and natural.

LCD Backlight

When shooting outdoors, the Elura 85's bright 2.5" LCD view screen features an LCD Backlight button that boosts the displays brightness by 250%. Now it's easier than ever to compose sensational shots without having to squint into the viewfinder. You can also rotate the screen for high-or low-angle shots, or turn it around 180 to record yourself. When you're done shooting, the screen is perfect for reviewing your scenes.