Optura 100MC

miniDV Camcorders

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 7090A001


Manual Controls

For those who want total control of all aspects of the exposure system, the Optura 100MC offers Manual mode. You can select the shutter speed, aperture and gain settings for full creative control.

Manual Focus

Using a dial on the camera body, you can manually focus the lens.

Manual Exposure
For fine exposure control, you have access to +/-7 steps of exposure compensation

Manual and Automatic Shutter Speeds
There are 8 shutter speeds (from 1/60 sec. to 1/8000 sec.) available in all auto exposure modes. In Low Light Mode, a ninth, very slow shutter speed (1/15 sec.) is used. When manual shutter speed selection is used, 8 shutter speeds are available -- 1/60 sec. to 1/8000 sec.

Presets and Manual white balance
The Optura 100MC is designed to automatically determine white balance. You can also use standard preset values for indoors (3200° K) and outdoors (5600° K) or you can manually set the white balance. Manually setting the white balance is useful when shooting: subjects with one dominant color such as the sky; close-ups; rapidly changing lighting conditions; and places lit by certain types of fluorescent or mercury vapor lights.