Optura 100MC

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Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 7090A001


Precision Canon Optical Zoom Lens

10x Optical Zoom and 200x Digital Zoom
The Optura 100MC incorporates a newly developed, bright zoom lens, specifically designed to handle the demands placed on it by the camcorder's high-resolution image sensor for both video and still picture applications. The zoom uses a special glass originally used in Canon digital still cameras, and is the first Canon camcorder to use it, guaranteeing high picture quality.

The 10x optical zoom lens (4.2 - 42 mm) is the 35 mm focal length equivalent of 48 - 480 mm. Add an optional WD-43 Wide-converter to increase the field of view to the equivalent of 34 mm for indoor shots or panoramic views, or add the TL-43 Tele-converter to extend your telephoto viewing to the equivalent of 816 mm.

The digital zoom kicks in at the end of the optical zoom range, and is capable of extending to a maximum of 200x. This is the equivalent of a 9600 mm lens on a 35 mm photo camera. The digital zoom on the Optura 100MC provides sharper detail than others thanks to Canon's superior lens quality. You'll reveal details too distant to be seen with the eye alone.

When capturing digital still images, the lens becomes an 8x zoom, the equivalent of a 45 - 360 mm lens on a 35 mm photo camera.

Six-Blade Iris
Canon has borrowed the six-blade iris from its 3-CCD camcorder models. These leading-edge models use this iris for professional exposure control. The Optura 100MC uses the same iris system to create stunning video and still photos.