Optura 500

miniDV Camcorders
Item Code: 9539A003


Seamlessly connect anywhere... anytime

Now you can connect and transfer photos from your camcorder to a computer without the need for "drivers" or other software. The Optura's Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) makes it the perfect traveling companion; simply plug your camcorder into any computer running Windows XP or Mac OS X via the camcorder's USB 2.0 Full-Speed Terminal and a USB cable.

USB 2.0 High-Speed Terminal

Exclusive to the Optura 500 is a High-Speed USB 2.0 Terminal, which allows for DV streaming and ultra-fast transfer of movies and photos.


IEEE 1394 DV Terminal

Also known as a Firewire Terminal or iLink, the IEEE 1394 DV Terminal allows you to maintain your high video and audio quality during duplication or editing. In addition, an Analog Line-in/Out with Analog/Digital Converter allows you to easily transform your analog memories into digital, all in real-time.

Network Mode

You can turn your Optura camcorder into a powerful webcam. Both the Optura 400 and Optura 500 camcorders feature a Network Mode that enables you to remotely control your camcorder through the DV Messenger2 software application. Control the focus and zoom of your camcorder from a computer while streaming the video via its IEEE 1394 terminal.

SD/Multimedia Card

For portable storage versatility, the Optura can accommodate either a Secure Digital (SD) memory card or a MultiMedia card. Store up to 512 MB worth of photos with resolutions up to 1280 x 960.