Optura Pi

miniDV Camcorders

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 3167A001


Shooting Modes

The Optura Pi has three shooting modes--making it like owning three cameras. And the extraordinary thing is the ability of the Optura Pi to move as easily as you do between different ways of seeing the world. Imagine the personal imaging power you'll gain from this versatility.

Normal Movie Mode

This is what you expected from Canon DV- smooth, vivid full motion video ideal for TV viewing. Actually, you get more than that. You get versatility in exposure modes, editing, and effects ... and CANON-exclusive technologies like Progressive scan CCD and RGB Color Filtering.

Digital Photo Mode

Over 700 pictures without reloading the camera? Welcome to DV. The Optura Pi functions as a digital still camera, with an added dimension--you can combine the still images with sound, and even alternate still and movie modes on the same tape. Each still image shoots for six seconds, and allows you to record narration or surrounding sounds. Optional SLR-style Flash adds even more shooting flexibility.

Digital Motor Drive

Your 35mm won't be able to keep up with Optura Pi. In Digital Motor Drive Mode it takes 30 still frames a second. Great for sports! Catch the pitcher in his windup, drops of sweat frozen in the air. Steal the secrets of your partner's golf swing. Catch the moment the penalty kick gets by the goal keeper. Go ahead and amaze yourself with what you can do. Use for capture of superior quality frames from video for recording on to a floppy disk, viewing on TV, printing or downloading onto a DV compatible computer.