Optura Xi

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Item Code: 9000A001


Programmed Auto Exposure

The Optura Xi offers the versatility to meet every exposure challenge and ease of use when you'd like to let the camera make all the choices. Amazingly sophisticated circuitry delivers proper exposure automatically under almost any lighting condition. But you also can easily adjust the exposure in any one of several creative ways to meet your specific need. Selecting a different exposure mode lets you control how you want the video to look.


Easy Recording
Easy Recording is designed for the times when all you want to do is point and shoot. The camera's sophisticated control system automatically handles proper exposure and focus, leaving you only to zoom. This means you don't have to worry about anything except being there to capture the moment on video. This is also handy when you want to get into the video. Just pass the camera over to someone else and rest assured they'll get great video (they can't change the settings). If a family member has never handled a camcorder before, you can assure them everything is under control.


Auto Mode gives control of settings to the camcorder, except for those functions you would like to control manually. Auto Mode can control a variety of functions including focus, exposure, and white balance. This is Easy Recording with options. So if you want to let things run automatically, no problem. But if something should arise, you can easily make adjustments. For example, you suddenly see a child peering through a picket fence. The autofocusing system may have a bit of difficulty but you can easily adjust the focus for a perfect picture.

Shutter Priority (TV)

Need to make a crystal clear video of the swing of a golf club or a golf ball in flight? Want to accentuate the motion of a racing car by blurring its motion? Or shoot under very low lighting conditions? These are just three of the things you can do in Shutter Priority Mode (TV on the Program Dial). Select one of 9 shutter speeds, from slow (1/8 second) to fast (1/2,000 second). The Optura Xi's sophisticated exposure circuitry will automatically select the aperture for a proper exposure. If you select a shutter speed that is either too high or too low for the light conditions, a warning will flash in the viewfinder.

Shutter Priority (TV) can also be used when shooting digital photos in the Card Mode. Choose one of 10 different shutter speeds from 1/2 second to 1/500 second.


Aperture Priority (AV)

The ability to adjust the lens opening (aperture) gives you the creative ability to adjust depth of field. Larger openings decrease the amount of the background that's in focus (ideal for making your subject stand out), and smaller openings increase the focus area. Select one of 10 apertures from f/1.6 to f/8.0 and the Optura Xi will automatically select the appropriate shutter speed to give you proper exposure. If you select an aperture that is too large or too small for the lighting conditions, a warning will flash in the viewfinder.

Aperture Priority (AV) can also be used when shooting digital photos in the Card Mode. Chose one of 10 apertures from f/1.8 to f/8.0.



When confronted by a large expanse of darkness and a small area of brightness, some exposure systems will automatically try to overcome the darkness. This makes the bright area overexposed. Now imagine a singer spotlighted on a stage. What is your camcorder going to do? With Canon's Spotlight Mode, the answer is simple: deliver a properly-exposed singer. The camera automatically exposes for the subject in the center of the frame -- in the spotlight -- leaving the larger, dark area as it should be: dark. This prevents the subject from showing up overexposed or blooming against a dark background.


Low Light

Low Light Mode is Canon's way of letting you continue to record even when light levels begin to fall. Low Light Mode selects lower shutter speeds to deliver proper exposure. For example, when the backyard barbecue continues into the twilight hours, there's no need to put the camcorder away. Just switch to Low Light Mode. The same applies indoors. Some exposure systems have problems with rooms that aren't well illuminated. Low Light Mode to the rescue. All that's required is a little more care in holding the camera steady.


Color Night Mode

Just because it's night, doesn't mean you have to put your camera to bed. The Optura Xi's Color Night Shooting mode lets you keep recording -- even under the most challenging of lighting conditions. This means your camera picks the right sensitivity and shutter speed needed to maintain a bright image -- without sacrificing color. As the light dims, your images remain brilliant. If the lighting conditions change, the camcorder automatically compensates so you continue shooting without skipping a beat.


Super Night Mode and Low Light Plus Mode

With the Optura Xi, you can keep shooting long after the sun goes down. With Super Night Shooting (in Camera mode) and Low Light Plus (in Card Camera), an assist lamp lights your subject and lets you continue even under low light conditions. The assist lamp also helps supplement existing light when you need it and can be used with the Red Eye reduction lamp when shooting digital photos. No matter what the lighting conditions are, the Optura Xi shines.