miniDV Camcorders

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 3164A016


Programmed Auto Exposure

Puts advanced recording techniques at your fingertips to ensure great results in various shooting conditions. There are six modes in all, giving you the balanced control that you have come to expect from Canon.

Various Modes:

  • Full Auto/Green Mode
  • Auto Mode
  • Spotlight Mode
  • Shutter Priority
  • Aperture Priority
  • Manual Mode

Shutter-priority / Aperture-priority (Tv/Av)

The new Tv and Av modes permit easy operation while retaining the creative image controls commonly found on Canon's 35mm SLR cameras. In the Tv mode, you select the shutter speed from 1/8 to 1/15000 of a second and the XL1 will automatically set a matching aperture. In the Av mode, you select the aperture from f/1.6 to f/16 and the XL1 automatically sets a matching shutter speed.

Manual Control

In addition to Tv and Av operation, the XL1 offers a complete range of manual controls, ideal for challenging situations and more creative recordings. In particular, there is complete freedom to set the exposure at combination of shutter speed and aperture levels. Set the gain manually to five preset levels ranging from -3 to +12. Set the white balance manually, or choose either the indoor or outdoor mode. Shift the exposure by up to two stops around the automatically set level. Also, manual zoom and focus can be controlled by the zooming and focusing rings.