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Audio Adjustments

Canon knows that audio is crucial to professional productions, and the XL1S provides the highest standards in audio capture available on a digital video system with a 16-bit, 2-channel recording option. The XL1S also has two additional 12-bit recording channels allowing simultaneous recording on four channels. Audio levels can be controlled manually to further extend sound quality as it is recorded.

Audio Modes

Three Digital Audio Modes
The XL1S can record sound in three digital audio modes that can be selected via the camera menu.

Audio Bit Rate

# of Channel(s)


16-bit (48kHz)
For capturing and recording the highest sound quality. Used during simultaneous A/V recording, documentary and news footage.
12-bit ST-1 (32kHz)
2 from 4 channels
For recording on two channels (stereo 1), leaving two channels (stereo 2) free for the later addition of audio tracks. Used to capture ambient audio that will be augmented with additional audio tracks.
12 bit ST-1,2 (32kHz)
4 channels
For simultaneous recording on four channels (Stereo 1 and stereo 2). Used to simultaneously capture a line-in device and/or sets of microphones with ambient audio capture available.

Audio Level Control
Controlling audio levels is essential for real-time event capture and the XL1S permits both automatic and manual audio recording. Manual control allows for setting balance and level.