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Digital Video Format and IEEE 1394

The XL1S is a consummate professional creation tool that supports the established industry standards, MiniDV and IEEE 1394. Support of these standards make the XL1S a flexible video creation tool that interoperates with standard DV equipment and computer editing systems as accorded by engineering, scientific and broadcast communities.

DV Format Technology and Advantages
The MiniDV format supported by the XL1S delivers more than 500 lines of horizontal resolution -- a 25% improvement over analog systems. The DV format allows for near lossless transfer within digital editing environments for faster creation, increased productivity and improved production quality of final prints.


IEEE 1394 (DV Terminal)
The XL1S comes standard with a DV terminal that conforms to IEEE 1394 for digital transfer of video and sound, in addition to regular video and audio outputs. The IEEE 1394 (also known as FireWire®) standard allows editing, copying and recording of digital video over a single cable. This transfer format affords improved image and sound quality and is virtually free from generation loss.


DV Control
This feature enables the XL1S to control optional externally connected IEEE 1394 storage/recording devices. The devices must comply with the IEEE 1394 AV/C protocol.


The Canon XL1S is available in NTSC and PAL versions. These are the world's standards for television production. NTSC, (National Television Systems Committee) is the 525-line screen, 60fps (fields per second) standard of North America and Japan. PAL (Phase Alternate Line) is the 625-line screen, 50fps (fields per second) standard of Europe, Hong Kong and the Middle East.