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Combination 16:9 EVF and LCD panel

Whether you're gathering news on the run or shooting documentary footage in an exotic location, the XL H1's big and bright 2.4", 16:9 Electronic Viewfinder makes it is easy to operate your HD camcorder -- no matter what your shooting style -- and get the shot you need. Depending on your preference, the viewfinder can work in either EVF or LCD mode, and can be adjusted left to right, and forward to backwards.

Safe Area Markings (80%, 90%), Aspect Ratio Guides, B/W mode, Zebra Pattern (70 -- 100 IRE) make it easy to frame and check exposure, while Peaking and Magnifying Focus Help all assist you in composing your shot and getting the proper exposure.

With the 20x HD video lens and the XL H1, you can also utilize the Distance Readout System (in either feet or meters).