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Item Code: 0058B001


Treat Yourself To The Ultimate In Style And Functionality

Sporting a high metal finish, the ZR200 combines sleek design with sophisticated usability. Smaller in depth and lighter by 2 oz than previous ZR models, the ZR200 takes on a seamless, fluid appearance with a reduced gap between lens and viewfinder.

Enhanced design features include:

  • New Program Selector -- Located beside the LCD display, the Program Selector makes it easy to quickly switch modes.
  • Finger Rest -- Located on the upper side of the grip, the finger rest improves stability while shooting.
  • Easy Operation Buttons -- PLAY and STOP buttons are now independent, while the FF and RW buttons are located together, improving usability by preventing accidental pressing of the wrong button.
  • Oval Grip -- An oval-shaped grip located on the top of the lens improves shooting comfort while adding a touch of style.
  • Flat Zoom Lever -- The brand new flat zoom lever not only makes for stress-free zooming, but also helps reduce the physical size of the camcorder.
  • Slim Operation Switch -- For increased miniaturization, the ZR camcorders feature an innovative Slim Operation Switch.