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Digital Camcorder
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Digital Video Format and IEEE 1394

Everything is going digital, and with good reason. Digital Video offers superior quality over the best analog consumer camcorders, by 20% at least, and free from annoying color noise. The ZR20' s images reach up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution, revealing stunning detail and clarity. The digital revolution is taking place, and Canon's Know-How is leading the way.

DV Format Technology and Advantages
To understand just how far things have advanced, DV camcorders today commonly offer quality and features that equal and sometimes surpass the best professional TV production equipment of 15 years ago!

DV looks and sounds better, and is easier to use than analog formats today.
  • images are better
  • sound is better
  • connection to your computer is faster and easier
  • tape is smaller and better quality.
  • cameras are smaller, lighter and quieter

While batteries are getting better, the technology is improving too, so they do all this using less battery power than ever before!

Copying your tapes is better when you 'go digital'. Because it's digital, there is no loss of quality on your copies, generation after generation.

Also because its digital, you can view and edit your images on your home computer- in most cases without extra, fancy equipment. You can email them to friends and family too.

Digital Video is creating a whole new world of freedom and fun. Almost everybody can be a moviemaker nowadays. There is more that you can do with it at home or work without fancy software and equipment, and the quality is better than ever!

IEEE 1394 DV Terminal
The ZR20 makes computer transfer easy because it's equipped with a DV IN/OUT terminal that conforms to IEEE 1394 (FireWire™)*. It takes just a single digital cable to copy your video and sound in pure digital form to another Canon DV camcorder or connect to a DV ready computer for editing and emailing pictures or video clips. And your still images can also be recorded to a floppy disk with the optional FR-100 Floppy Disk Recorder, which easily transfers them to any PC. Then you can print out your images on a Canon color printer, post them to a web site, or e-mail them.

*FireWire™ is a registered trademark of Apple Computer Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.