miniDV Camcorders
Item Code: 6690A001


MultiMediaCard and SD Memory Card compatible

No larger than postage stamps, MultiMediaCards and SD Memory Cards offer you a whole new way to capture, store, and transfer still images. Just slip a card into your camera's MC slot, and fire away.

The ZR30MC expands video possibilities by using a MultiMediaCard or a SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card in addition to a Mini DV cassette. These ultra-small and ultra-light media record, store and manage still images, as well as allow easy transfer of still images to a PC**. Copy still images from a videocassette to a memory card, and vice versa. Produce effects not possible with just a cassette using one of the three types of Card Mix Effects.

Choose one of the sample images provided on the supplied MultiMediaCard such as a picture frame or crashing waves and combine it with the live camcorder images.

*An 8MB MultiMediaCard is supplied with the camcorders.
**With a commercially available PC card adapter or reader.