miniDV Camcorders
Item Code: 6690A001


Shooting Modes

Why carry two cameras when you only need one? The ZR30MC can be switched from a movie camera to a still camera with just a click of a button. And both modes are digital, of course, which makes your movies or photos those of the highest quality. Just another example of how Canon Know-How saves you space, time, and money.

Normal Movie Mode

Okay future filmmaker, show us what you're worth. With ZR30MC, you may not make the equivalent of the latest box-office smash the first time you pick up the camera, but you may feel like you can do it. Fluid, smooth, controlled motion... the ability to edit your video, to add effects... and to make a picture that is crisp, vivid, and top-quality.

Progressive Photo Mode

Take and save sharp and clear stills with your ZR30MC. Moving and still images come out sharp and clear, without blurring. You usually see a disappointing image when you take a 'freeze frame' out of a moving image from video. Not so with the ZR30MC's Progressive Photo function. It records crystal clear images of even moving subjects. The camera uses its iris like a still camera's mechanical shutter to record two fields of image data simultaneously every 1/30th of a second, resulting in full-frame images virtually free of time-lag blur.

Because all the ZR camcorders function as digital still cameras; they 're like two cameras in one. Just press the photo button and store the image. How many? More than 700 stunning still pictures on an 80 minute videocassette! Or, combine video and still pictures together with audio. With the ZR30 MC you can capture approximately 60 fine resolution still pictures onto an 8MB MultiMediaCard.