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About GL1

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 2981A001


Shooting Enhancements

The GL1 is designed to make shooting video as easy as possible. This includes dual controls (on both the hand grip and top handle), variable zoom speeds, a viewfinder display that can be turned off, and viewfinder zebra striping for display of overexposure.

Top Grip w/Recording Control
Not only does the GL1 have a side hand grip with readily accessible controls, it also features a carrying handle with a duplicate set of recording and zoom controls. This is designed to make mid- to low-angle shooting both easy and comfortable, and accommodate your individual shooting style. Controls on both the side and top grips let you start and stop recording, take digital still photos, and zoom in and out. The top controls can be locked to prevent accidental operation.


Variable Zoom Speed
The lens zooming rate on the GL1 is adjustable. The side grip and top grip offer separate controls to adjust the rate of zoom.

Grip Zoom - Variable
When using the side grip, a gentle press on the zoom control will give you a slow zoom. Press harder and the zoom speed picks up. The farther you press the zoom control, the faster the zoom speed.

Handle Zoom - Low/Medium/Fast
The top grip zoom control can be set for one of three zoom speeds - low, medium or fast - by selecting the appropriate speed in a menu selection.


Zebra Level
The GL1's viewfinder and monitor can be set to show areas of overexposure in the scene being captured - using a series of diagonal zebra stripes. If you wish, you can adjust either the shutter speed or aperture to eliminate the overexposure.