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About GL2

Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 7920A001
Estimated Retail Price: $2,799.00


Genuine Canon Optics: 20X Optical Zoom Lens

The GL2 incorporates a 20x Professional L-Series Fluorite optical zoom lens, which transforms distant subjects into dramatic close-ups. The 20x optical zoom is the 35 mm focal length equivalent of 39.5 -- 790 mm. Add the optional WD-58 Widewide-converter to increase the field of view by 30% for indoor shots or panoramic views.

The digital zoom, capable of extending to 40x and a maximum of 100x, provides sharper detail compared to others thanks to Canon's superior lens quality. You'll reveal details too distant to be seen with just the eye alone. At full telephoto, the 35 mm focal length equivalent is an amazing 39500 mm.